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Summer Nights!

By Video

When the sun sets and our skin cools from the daily party, Poreč turns into a massive ronda. On a perfect wooden sprung floor, epic stories of love and friendship 🙂 Here’s our second vid that shows the summer nights at the greatest tango party of the summer. Exactly one month more! 🙂

DJ Konrad

By DJs

Welcoming you on our NEW Wednesday milonga in Hotel Diamant sports hall is DJ Konrad – all smiley and happy and with great music up his… laptop. 🙂 We’re just about there!

New party video!

By Video

Poreč is love. Poreč is magic. Here’s our new video and we must admit, we have it pretty much on repeat – makes the whole world around us sunnier and warmer. We love you guys and we’ll be seeing you soon 😉

“Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet”

DJ Andres

By DJs

El Yeite power comes to Poreč. Not much needs to be said about Andres. Powerful music directly from the floors of Buenos Aires. Happiness 🙂

New dance floor at the pool!

By Breaking news

Fantastic announcement! Your favourite daily activity, The Pool Party (actually, the part where you hug passionately in the hot sun while your blood pumps Mojito) gets a new floor! Nice and smooth tiles-upgrade, so you can dazzle with all those fancy moves and not worry about your ankle saying ‘goodbye’ or destroying your over-priced dance shoes! Wow, just when you think it can’t get better 😉 Join the party!

El Cachivache Quinteto

By Breaking news

When it comes to tango orchestras, there’s simply none like El Cachivache Quinteto. Larger than life on stage with a massive sound that could equal an old-school D’Arienzo orchestra as well as The Clash – El Cachivache are truly a tango band for the new age. We are happy that they are again sharing their vision with Poreč for so many years, and this time around in the massive Žatika hall on our Thursday milonga. With the perfect Žatika sound this will surely be a night to remember!

DJ Osky

By DJs

Of course, what would Poreč be without our semi-Croatian 🙂 DJ Osky Casas? His wonderful musical choices and perfect tandas never cease to amaze – be it a pool party or an evening milonga.

DJ Massimo

By DJs

Another lovely Italian gentleman is coming our way, Massimo of the URBE fame will ‘power’ our evening milongas in Poreč, bringing his marathon experience to the huge ronda in Žatika. Everyone, rejoice!