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48-hour early bird

By Breaking news

Registration for the biggest summer tango party have started 🙂 As every year we have an incredible 48 hour early bird! It’d be downright silly you don’t use it Join the party

Workshops preview 2018: Pablo & Corina

By Workshops

March is just around the corner. As every year, we are giving you a sneak-peek at the workshops of our maestros. First up, Pablo & Corina. And guys, technique for leaders! 🙂

  1. Introduction to structure and space in the dance. Looking for possibilities from simple structure
  2. Introduction to tango styles
  3. Follower’s technique with Corina
  4. Leader’s technique with Pablo
  5. Connection and communication in the couple, key elements
  6. Turns and enrosques, looking for new possibilities
  7. Improvisation I: Orchestras! History of develop of tango music, elements for interpretation. Understanding rhythmic and melody of tango. rhythmic
  8. Improvisation II: Elements for improvisation, combinations and possibilites changing linear and circular movements. Over-pivot and embrace
  9. Improvisation III: Milonguero sequences, all in the close embrace


WORKSHOPS PREVIEW: Carlitos & Noelia

By Workshops

Almost there peeps, last but not least – Carlitos and Noelia!

1. Sequences for reduced spaces
2. Melodic sequences
3. Flexibility in the embrace: Transition between close and open embrace, points of contact
4. “Vintage” sequences
5. The importance of the music for the connection. Being literal, melodic, rhythmic, details….. Suggesting a musical idea.
6. Milonga: Containment of the movement to create accelerations
7. Action and Reaction: Playing with the roles for the understanding of follower’s suggestion. Back leading.
8. Sharing axis: Creating elastic movements to change dynamic
9. Rhythmical sequences