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Our “sprung” dancefloor is on Wikipedia!

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“A sprung floor is a floor that absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. Such floors are considered the best available for dance and indoor sports and physical education. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. Modern sprung floors are supported by foam backing or rubber feet, while traditional floors provide their spring through bending woven wooden battens. Many dance halls with sprung hard wood floors date back to the early 20th century, such as the Willowbrook Ballroom in Chicago (1921), the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR (1914), and the Carrillo Ballroom in Santa Barbara, CA (1914).”

The Žatika sports hall boasts a huuuuuuuuuuuge wooden floor, perfect for sports and dance. The construction of the floor is kind of rocket science from our position of knowing-absolutely-nothing-about-it, but we knew these past years that it’s perfect for long hours of dancing. Our feet simply didn’t hurt that much. Well, looks like there’s an entire Wikipedia page about it. It’s worth a read – if you dig facts!