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The festival is cancelled – see you in 2021!

By 2020, Breaking news

Dear tango friends,

after a long game of waiting-it-out, summer of 2020 will sadly be without its biggest tango party. Like many others we are deciding to move the 11th MSTF to 2021. We are happy that the situation in the world is going towards better as we all hoped, but for a festival the size of Poreč, we need the world in its full capacity and any alternatives will not bring the Poreč you’re all used to.
It’s an extremely difficult decision we are making, as Poreč was a regular and beautiful part of our summers for such a long time.

Any of you who have possibly reserved accommodation with our partner Valamar, they are offering full refunds. To all of you who registered, thank your for your support and hope in these weird times. We will see you in 2021!

Well, not to end on a sour note, we got the dates for 2021! 🙂
It’s more than enough time to get your beach-body ready to those pre-quarantine times that you remember so fondly – even thought that was, like, just 2 months ago. And look how you’ve spent it. Eating. 😀

We’ll be thinking of you in July <3 See you somewhere. Soon. With love <3, Z,T,G

Workshops preview: Jonathan and Clarisa

By 2020, Workshops

What a lovely debut this beautiful couple prepares for us. Check the workshops of Jonathan and Calrisa for the summer 2020 😉

1. Sacadas for both roles (Int)
2. Milonga lisa and traspie (All levels)
3. Turning technique: dependent and independent work in the couple (Advanced)
4. 100% improvisation (All levels)
5. Full work for rhythmical orchestras: D’Arienzo, Biagi and Tanturi (Intermediate)
6. Playing with the dynamics: How to make a big contrast with the music (Intermediate)
7. Majestic turns: fluidity and dynamics (Advanced)
8. Make the most of your space! Tips, tricks and exercises for reducing space (Advanced)

Take a peak at the full schedule here

Poreč and Corona virus situation. Please read.

By 2020, Breaking news
Dear tango friends and Poreč fans.
We have decided it is important to adress the situation going on in the world and what it means for our dearest summer tango party.
As of yet Croatia is doing rather well managing the pandemic and we have presumably in time taken serious measures in controling the spread of the disease. Still, our beloved Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival is an international event and due to its international character, the situation in Croatia doesn’t have much impact on its own. We are in close contact with our official Poreč partners and we are carefuly following worldwide news and our Health Ministry’s decisions.
Currently, it is very hard to predict how the situation will develop and Poreč as of today is almost 4 months away. With that in mind, we will continue our business-as-usual while closely monitoring the decisions of our country’s officials and institutions. If the situation worsens or indeed doesn’t get any better than it is now, we will nofity you on time together with information on how we are handling your registrations – having your bests interests in mind.
Hope we can all stay positive in this moment, with thoughts of summer in our minds helping us through these hard days of social distancing.
Due to unforseen organizational issues that have appeared cause of the current situation, we are shifting the beginning of our registration to Monday, March 23rd.
Lots of love to you all.

Arts and Wine

By 2020

You’ve done 10 years of Boat Trip, enough is enough. Here’s a peaceful Sunday alternative – spend your last day of the festival tasting wine and delicacies of local Istrian quisine. Find out more.