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Poreč and Corona virus situation. Please read.

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Dear tango friends and Poreč fans.
We have decided it is important to adress the situation going on in the world and what it means for our dearest summer tango party.
As of yet Croatia is doing rather well managing the pandemic and we have presumably in time taken serious measures in controling the spread of the disease. Still, our beloved Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival is an international event and due to its international character, the situation in Croatia doesn’t have much impact on its own. We are in close contact with our official Poreč partners and we are carefuly following worldwide news and our Health Ministry’s decisions.
Currently, it is very hard to predict how the situation will develop and Poreč as of today is almost 4 months away. With that in mind, we will continue our business-as-usual while closely monitoring the decisions of our country’s officials and institutions. If the situation worsens or indeed doesn’t get any better than it is now, we will nofity you on time together with information on how we are handling your registrations – having your bests interests in mind.
Hope we can all stay positive in this moment, with thoughts of summer in our minds helping us through these hard days of social distancing.
Due to unforseen organizational issues that have appeared cause of the current situation, we are shifting the beginning of our registration to Monday, March 23rd.
Lots of love to you all.

Contribution currency

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As always, all your contributions at the festival must be made in Croatian Kuna currency. We cannot accept euro or any other currency and we don’t exchange money. You may find various ATMs and exchange offices beforehand on our map:

Arts & Wine – a new Sunday event on this year’s Poreč tango festival

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We fell in love with Istria way before MSTF, making it a dream location for our tango festival. We know countless hours spent dancing can make it hard to wake up the next day, even for the boat trip party-fest. Therefore, alongside it, this year we are offering you a calm alternative: an Arts & Wine road trip! Istria is sometimes referred to as the “Croatian Tuscany”, with its picturesque hilltop towns, beautiful vineyards and delicious truffles.

We will visit the most artistic town in Croatia, Grožnjan (Grisignana), an artists’ colony with only 185 permanent inhabitants! Every summer, it turns into a visual arts and music metropolis, hosting several jazz festivals and 28 art galleries!

Our next stop is Motovun, another tiny place renowned for its famous film festival. Our trip concludes at the Cosetto winery, where we will taste 7 varieties of wine and some authentic istrian delicacies: olive oil, cheese, ham, “fritule”, cod fish…

If you’d be intersted in joining us at this wonderful road-trip in Poreč, let us know by filling up the details in this short registration form. We’ll get back at you with details when the festival draws closer.
Preregister here:

Check some nice photos of the locations you’ll be visiting in the event discussion.

Special guest: Moira Castellano

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Dear friends, we have an important change in our festival roster. For obvious personal reasons (awaiting baby), Juana Sepulveda will not be able to attend the Poreč festival. We are lucky to welcome the incredible Moira Castellano stepping in for all the workshops and seminar 🙂

48-hour early bird

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Registration for the biggest summer tango party have started 🙂 As every year we have an incredible 48 hour early bird! It’d be downright silly you don’t use it Join the party