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Workshops preview: Jonathan and Clarisa

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What a lovely debut this beautiful couple prepares for us. Check the workshops of Jonathan and Calrisa for the summer 2020 😉

1. Sacadas for both roles (Int)
2. Milonga lisa and traspie (All levels)
3. Turning technique: dependent and independent work in the couple (Advanced)
4. 100% improvisation (All levels)
5. Full work for rhythmical orchestras: D’Arienzo, Biagi and Tanturi (Intermediate)
6. Playing with the dynamics: How to make a big contrast with the music (Intermediate)
7. Majestic turns: fluidity and dynamics (Advanced)
8. Make the most of your space! Tips, tricks and exercises for reducing space (Advanced)

Take a peak at the full schedule here

Workshops preview 2018: Pablo & Corina

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March is just around the corner. As every year, we are giving you a sneak-peek at the workshops of our maestros. First up, Pablo & Corina. And guys, technique for leaders! 🙂

  1. Introduction to structure and space in the dance. Looking for possibilities from simple structure
  2. Introduction to tango styles
  3. Follower’s technique with Corina
  4. Leader’s technique with Pablo
  5. Connection and communication in the couple, key elements
  6. Turns and enrosques, looking for new possibilities
  7. Improvisation I: Orchestras! History of develop of tango music, elements for interpretation. Understanding rhythmic and melody of tango. rhythmic
  8. Improvisation II: Elements for improvisation, combinations and possibilites changing linear and circular movements. Over-pivot and embrace
  9. Improvisation III: Milonguero sequences, all in the close embrace


WORKSHOPS PREVIEW: Carlitos & Noelia

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Almost there peeps, last but not least – Carlitos and Noelia!

1. Sequences for reduced spaces
2. Melodic sequences
3. Flexibility in the embrace: Transition between close and open embrace, points of contact
4. “Vintage” sequences
5. The importance of the music for the connection. Being literal, melodic, rhythmic, details….. Suggesting a musical idea.
6. Milonga: Containment of the movement to create accelerations
7. Action and Reaction: Playing with the roles for the understanding of follower’s suggestion. Back leading.
8. Sharing axis: Creating elastic movements to change dynamic
9. Rhythmical sequences

WORKSHOPS PREVIEW: Fernando & Ariadna

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Hey. Registrations start 13 March! That’s Monday – so we ease your suffering of the new work-week with thoughts of summer 😉
Here’s Fernando and Ariadna with the weather…
1. Vals I – Turned movements – the beginning and the end of the turn
2. Vals II – Cut movements to apply in speed
3. Enrosque for men and women – pivot at its best
4. Rhythmic movements – music and structure, simple sequences
5. Unusual sacadas – mobillity and understanding the space
6. Technique for followers with Ariadna


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Registrations will be soon upon us. Here’s Chicho and Juana with their workshops and again a special 4-day seminar for couples!

1. Different entrances and sacadas for leader and follower
2. Introduction to boleos
3. Milonga, cool stuff!
4. Leading and structure
5. Complex combinations
6. SPECIAL: 4 day intensive seminar for couples


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As the registrations for the 2017 MSTF draw near, we start with our maestro’s workshop preview. Here’s what Pablo and Corina have in store for us this year.

1. Embrace: its comfort and possibilities
2. Caminatas: Structure and technique, details of old maestros milongueros
3. Communication and dialog between leaders and followers, sharing musicality and corporality
4. Milonga, traspié and rythmical games
5. Tango for the dancefloor I: Sequences to use in a milonga. Changes of directions, spirals and dissociation
6. Tango for the dancefloor II: Circularity, giros in the same space and wrapped movements
7. Inertia of movement, details to lead using power and relaxation
8. Musical interpretation, styles, orquestras and dynamics
9. Technique for women with Corina

Parking info!

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If you are coming by car to the daily workshops and Pool Milonga in hotels Diamant and Rubin, you will be welcomed by a quite pricey parking. We arranged that all participants of the festival have huge discount of entire day of parking for only 3 euro. You will show your festival bracelet at the reception for a discounted price on parking. Sweet!