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Poreč and Corona virus situation. Please read.

By March 18, 20202020, Breaking news
Dear tango friends and Poreč fans.
We have decided it is important to adress the situation going on in the world and what it means for our dearest summer tango party.
As of yet Croatia is doing rather well managing the pandemic and we have presumably in time taken serious measures in controling the spread of the disease. Still, our beloved Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival is an international event and due to its international character, the situation in Croatia doesn’t have much impact on its own. We are in close contact with our official Poreč partners and we are carefuly following worldwide news and our Health Ministry’s decisions.
Currently, it is very hard to predict how the situation will develop and Poreč as of today is almost 4 months away. With that in mind, we will continue our business-as-usual while closely monitoring the decisions of our country’s officials and institutions. If the situation worsens or indeed doesn’t get any better than it is now, we will nofity you on time together with information on how we are handling your registrations – having your bests interests in mind.
Hope we can all stay positive in this moment, with thoughts of summer in our minds helping us through these hard days of social distancing.
Due to unforseen organizational issues that have appeared cause of the current situation, we are shifting the beginning of our registration to Monday, March 23rd.
Lots of love to you all.