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Workshops preview: Jonathan and Clarisa

By March 19, 20202020, Workshops

What a lovely debut this beautiful couple prepares for us. Check the workshops of Jonathan and Calrisa for the summer 2020 😉

1. Sacadas for both roles (Int)
2. Milonga lisa and traspie (All levels)
3. Turning technique: dependent and independent work in the couple (Advanced)
4. 100% improvisation (All levels)
5. Full work for rhythmical orchestras: D’Arienzo, Biagi and Tanturi (Intermediate)
6. Playing with the dynamics: How to make a big contrast with the music (Intermediate)
7. Majestic turns: fluidity and dynamics (Advanced)
8. Make the most of your space! Tips, tricks and exercises for reducing space (Advanced)

Take a peak at the full schedule here