By February 3, 2017 Registrations, Workshops

As the registrations for the 2017 MSTF draw near, we start with our maestro’s workshop preview. Here’s what Pablo and Corina have in store for us this year.

1. Embrace: its comfort and possibilities
2. Caminatas: Structure and technique, details of old maestros milongueros
3. Communication and dialog between leaders and followers, sharing musicality and corporality
4. Milonga, traspié and rythmical games
5. Tango for the dancefloor I: Sequences to use in a milonga. Changes of directions, spirals and dissociation
6. Tango for the dancefloor II: Circularity, giros in the same space and wrapped movements
7. Inertia of movement, details to lead using power and relaxation
8. Musical interpretation, styles, orquestras and dynamics
9. Technique for women with Corina