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Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival


A short step-by-step guide.

Hey there, first-timer.

We compiled this short guide for you so you can spend more time on choosing your swimwear than searching through our website. Just follow these steps and you’ll be set.

1. Check our festival schedule

To start off, we would direct you to our workshops and party schedule. See what 6 days of our festival have to offer. Decide which workshops you’d like to attend and if you need a partner for them we’d advise you to join our Facebook group that’s made exactly for that.

2. Fill out your registration

With the info from step 1, go and fill out your registration. Registering for Poreč festival includes joining our association, we will ask you for some personal information so it’d be great to have your ID or passport near you while filling out the registration. Satutes of Association can be read here in case you’re interested.

3. Book your accommodation

Alright, almost there. Now that you’re done and registered, time to book your accommodation. We would recommend our partners here. Our partner Valamar offers special discount for festival participants in the hotels and apartments that are close to the main festival location. If you want to stay in private accommodation check our contact forms with local agencies that will try to set you up with a place as close to the festival locations.

4. Plan your trip

Even though Poreč is a small town, arriving to it is not hard. There are many options and we have collected info on the most popular ones. As of January 1, 2023, Croatia is a part of Schengen and Eurozone which helps with travel considerably. You can read more on that here. If you are looking for a travel partner, join our Facebook group made exactly for that.

5. Stay connected

To keep being up-to-date with all the festival news, follow us on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook, or join our new Telegram group for the fastest and most up-to-date news and offers.