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Tango anniversary, 10 years in the making

JULY 3-8, 2019

Sprung dance-floor

Probably the finest dancefloor on any tango festival - sprung wooden floor for sports, incredibly soft and perfect for countless hours of dancing

Sweet summer embraces

More then 1500 dancers from all over the globe to share beautiful tandas with

Lazy afternoons

Daily pool parties to sip cocktails and move yourself to tango music or just jump into the beautiful Adriatic sea

Home of the Boat Trip

Now infamous 6 hour boat ride along the coast of Istrian penninsula filled with disco music, cocktails, cocktails and more cocktails

Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival is a 6 day summer tango paradise. Organised in a small Mediterranean town of Poreč, it is a perfect combination of sun, crystal clear sea and lots and lots of tango. Filled with countless hours of open-air and indoor milongas, workshops and special seminars with the world’s finest tango teachers it’s a not-to-miss summer tango holiday.

Milonga nights

Tango paradise till dawn


Enrich your dance vocabulary

Pool parties

Daily chill in the sun

Boat Trip

6 hour dance party “offshore”

Located on the coast of the Istrian peninsula, Poreč is a gorgeous little Mediterranean town that simply shines in the midst of summer, filled with numerous restaurants, small shops and buzzing with tourists from all over the world. Read more about Poreč, Croatia and how to get there.

How to reach Poreč

How to reach Poreč

March 9, 2019

Poreč and Region

Poreč and Region

January 29, 2015

Service Information

Service Information

January 29, 2015

Map of festival locations

Map of festival locations

January 29, 2015

Beautiful Croatia

Wonderful Mediterranean country with fantastic food, the most beautiful seaside and crystal clear sea. A place for a perfect holiday.

Bluest Sea

“Bluest sea on the planet”

– National Geographic

Super Cool!

All in-door festival venues are air-conditioned so you can enjoy that wonderful summer dress or your favourite Hawaiian shirt the entire evening.

Affordable Festival

Down-to-Earth prices, all possible types of accommodation and a wide choices of food make for a wonderful, affordable tango holiday.


They are the driving force and the inspiration of every festival, inspiring our dance with their own art. Check out our teachers and performers.

Chicho & Juana


Fernando & Ariadna


Pablo & Carolina


Fausto & Stephanie

Italy / France

Carlitos & Noelia


Hyperion Ensamble

What the dancers say

Big THANKS for everyone !!
It was a great festival of tango & life. Big venue and many people and still full of beautiful connections that don't depend on the size of a place but size of the hearts - mine is happy.
Applause to the organization!

Badu Nika

A M A Z I N G !!! Beautiful city, welcoming people, cute beaches, wonderful sunset, incredible dancers and so many new friendships...what else could you wish for?

Katarina Babić

Beautiful weekend of tango in a fantastic location! great dancers, nice people, and a great desire to have fun and dance. certainly an experience to be repeated. to next year!

Roberto Russo

Freaking awesome festival! the best ever, I'm coming back next year! 😀 thank you all!

Angèle Hélène


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Milonga hours


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